P e P Investigazioni Divisione Studi Legali
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Servizi di investigazioneP & P Investigazioni S.r.l. works successfully in the field of investigations for years.
If you need to verify or prove a circumstance in domestic, criminal or business sphere, and not only, our Investigative Departments will take care of your instances with great professionalism and strict confidence, availing itself of highly qualified expert consultants and of the best advanced investigative technologies.


Corporate Investigations

The Business Investigations Department works on to obtain proofs and reports relating to the different aspects within business environment. Among the services at our disposal, we remember, for example, pre-hiring investigations, investigation to ascertain the treachery or poor behaviour of associates or employees and investigations for credit collections.


Private Investigations

Services supplied by our Domestic Investigations Department aim to preserve the domestic well-being and to protect the rights of week parts during litigations. Its services range over infidelity to foster care during legal separation or to cases of paedophilia and stalking.


Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Department uses its best investigative techniques to help the advocacy during Criminal Procedures, through the research of proofs and witnesses, the surveys about their reliability, and various graphological, phonic and vocal evaluations.


Business Information

P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., thanks to its Business Information Department, supplies, to privates and companies, a service of support in the management and the collection of credit.


Digital Security - Digital & Mobile Forensics

P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., in the field of Computer Forensics, acquires, recovers and analyses computer data of interest, thanks to the use of modern instruments and to highly qualified IT personnel.


Digital Security - Electronic Debugging

Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. is interested in the protection of privates and companies’ privacy from possible tapings. It restores rooms and electronic devices from bugs and spy software.