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Standard Report

Report Standard

The service offers a complete profile with all the information related to the person in question.
In the case of natural person, the report supplies the Place of Residence, confirmed by the competent Municipality, the effective personal tracing (domicile), the publicly known telephone number of the subject and/or related to him, the tracing of the place of work (employee / freelance / retiree).
In the case of a company, it is ensured the real workability at its headquarters, as well as information strictly related to it and to its principal representative.
Our researches are realized through a focused investigative action on situ. The layout is composed by the following sections:

  • Summary
  • Personal Tracing and Availability of Domicile Address
  • Research of new telephone/mobile numbers besides the one already known
  • Verifying or finding out about a person’s job (employee / freelance / retiree)
  • Tracing of possible Heirs in case of a deceased person
  • Checking out whether the subject shares profits with some businesses nationwide
  • Finding out of protests and other negative events (Courthouse and Mortgage Registry)
  • Summary
  • Juridical identification of the subject through the development of the Chamber of commerce company registration given by the General Registry of Businesses
  • Confirmation of the real workability in loco and / or tracing of a possible new headquarters
  • Inquiries carried out by our confidential correspondents in situ
  • Research of new telephone/mobile numbers as well as the one already known
  • Checking out whether the Legal Representative shares profits with some businesses nationwide
  • Place of Residence and Domicile of the Legal Representative
  • Finding out of protests and other negative events (Courthouse and Mortgage Registry)

Source of data survey

Chamber of Commerce, Courthouse, Mortgage Registry, Land Registry, Office Information if traced in loco

Update Data

All the data present in our services are updated at the moment of the request.

Time of Execution

The service is fulfilled within 15/20 working days.

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