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Which data are necessary to demand an Ipocadastral Survey?

The ipocadastral Surveys are demanded in different ways: personal data (of individual or legal entity), cadastral data related to building as sheet, particle, subordinate or having just the address of the property itself. However it is necessary to locate the referential province in order to carry out the suitable research among the referential Provincial Mortgage Registry.

Which data are included in our services?

Every research allows obtaining the address of that good, the cadastral category, the land registry plot, holders, compartments and square meter, land registry value.

Land Registry and Mortgage Registry are they present everywhere in Italy?

Through the Regional Agency it is possible to obtain information over all the national territory except for the actual province of Trieste, Gorizia, Trento, Bolzano, in some district of the province of Udine, the district of Pedemonte (Province of Vicenza), in the municipality of Magasa and Valvestino (Province of Brescia) and in three district of the Province of Belluno (Cortina d’Ampezzo, Colle Santa Lucia e Livinallongo del Col di Lana). The system (called “tavolare) is different from the usual Land Registry, besides for the historical origins, for the ways of conservations and for the different legal framework of its outcomes that have constitutive effectiveness, as well as evidential, for the property transfer.


When can I use investigative services?

Investigation can be requested in order to defend one’s rights in a trial, to obtain information before signing a contract (selling or purchasing, recruitment, transfers, take-overs, new associates, etc.) and, in a more general sense, to get rid of suspicion. Our staff is always available for a free consultancy, to determine whether an investigation is possible.

What documents are necessary for an inquiry?

In compliance with art. 135 of the T.U.L.P.S. (Italian equivalent of the Consolidated Public Act, r.d. 773/1931), people who request an inquiry must prove their identity by producing valid identity card with picture, issued by the public administration.

While investigation is being carried out, can I be informed of the various steps being taken?

During investigation, the agency and the client are continually in touch, if necessary. As well as keeping the client updated about the results of the inquiries, a detailed list of all documented expenses is given.

Can the information gathered through an investigation be used as evidence in a trial?

All the detective work of the Institute relies on the method of gathering evidence to be used during trials, in full compliance with the penal regulations defining people’s sphere of privacy.

Does a price list of the services offered exist?

According to art. 135 of the Consolidated Public Act, r.d. 773/1931, it is compulsory, for detective agencies, to display in their venue an official price list of the services. In addition to that, in the mandate – contract between the client and the detective agency - the agreed rates are clearly stated.

How can I request further information or ask for a quote?

A request can be made through the form you’ll find in the CONTACT PAGE; otherwise you can call to one of the phone number indicated in that page. We are at your disposal for any doubt or necessity.

What do you mean by "absolute secrecy"?

The obligation of professional secrecy in the management of the gathered information is absolute. The same principle is valid for the preliminary free consultancy, also in the event that no mandate is further assigned.

What kind of documents is issued further to an investigation?

A report is released, with a detailed description of what has been done and the results obtained. Together with the report, if necessary or requested, there are provided all documentary evidences (video-photographic) and any other probative element possibly gathered.

Can I know the owner of a telephone number? Can I get the phone record of a telephone number which is not mine? Can I get to know the text of SMS sent/received by another person?

It is strictly prohibited any information relevant to telephone lines in the name of third parties. The user can have access to the information relevant to their own line(s), with no necessary authorization or judicial proceedings, as provided for by art. 127 of the Privacy Code (l.d. 196/’03).

Is it possible to tap the telephone calls of someone?

Except for those cases provided for by law, anyone who installs devices, instruments or parts of devices / instruments in order to intercept or prevent communications or telephone conversations, commits an offence against a person. The relevant sentence is imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years (art. 617 P.C.). Besides, there are no restrictions if one of the parties records its own conversations with another one, as ruled by the Court of Cassation, decision n. 16729 , March 21st –April 24th.
The same principle applies to recording or video-recording conversations by one single party of those present, as pointed out by the Court of Cassation, IV section, decision n. 3846, November 20th – January 31st.

Is it lawful to carry out investigation about an employee?

The employer has the right to check their employees during their absence from work, to verify their actual state of illnesses / accidents. The aforementioned checks can be carried out by private detectives, as ruled by the decisions of the courts (Court of Cassation, decision of May 3rd, n. 6236), quoting art. 5 of the Worker’s Statute of Rights, pointing out that the provisions of the aforementioned article do not rule out, in case of litigation, the use of the evidence gathered by private detectives.
Also the Guarantor for the protection of personal data (decision of January 8th, 2001) has ruled in favour of that sentence by stating that the private detective who, in compliance with the law and upon a mandate, gathers information for defensive use in trials, does not infringe the Privacy Code (Authorization n. 6/2005 to the handling of sensitive data by private detectives – December 21st 2005).

Is it lawful to inquiry into postal giro accounts or a bank account in the name of a physical or juridical subject?

Except for those cases provided for by law, all information relevant to postal giro accounts or bank accounts in the name of physical or juridical persons is strictly prohibited.

Are you authorized by law to practice the profession of private detectives?

All private detective agencies need an authorization from the Prefect of Police, in compliance with art. 134 of the T.U.L.P.S. (Italian equivalent of the Consolidated Public Act). The investigative agency P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. has all the necessary licenses.