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The daily use of modern computer technologies has brought, during the last decades, to the birth of a new branch strictly connected to legal activities, the so called Computer Forensics. Its growing importance derives from the evidential value that has assumed the information contained within the traditional computers or within the most modern devices (tablet, Smartphone, etc.).

The Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. is made up of highly qualified IT personnel that, through the use of modern technologies, are able to acquire and analyze data information of interest in accordance with the current law and with the strict regulation of the Law 48/2008 (Ratification and Implementation of the Convention of the Council of Europe on Cybercrime, signed in Budapest the 23rd of November 2001, and adaptation to standards of the internal set of rules).

For the implementation of the activities, the Digital & Mobile Forensics Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. has established a strict procedure that every one of our IT personnel should scrupulously conform to, in order to guarantee the integrity of information acquired and ensure their evidential value during the trial (forensics copy).

The services supplied by the Digital & Mobile Forensics Department are the followings:

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