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P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., thanks to the quality of our services, the accurate attention in the process of creation and the continuous vocational training of its staff, has strengthen the partnership with the most important reality of the legal sector in Italy and overseas.

Azienda Investigativa Milano

With the Law Firms Department, P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. offers its services to everyone who needs a qualified support in the management of the collection of proofs.

Our department supplies informative and investigative services for the Bar, useful in the civil and penal sphere, at every stage and state of a lawsuit. The informative services support the ordinary activities of a law firm in order to identify the most efficient strategy during a controversy.

Investigative services represent the opportunity to solve legal disputes and the support for the correct management of legal arguments. In the civil sector they are functional for the management of legal domestic questions and for the commercial, bank, financial and insurance one.

For example, working in the sector of Credit Collection, with the investigative services of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. it is possible to identify and quantify the property of natural or juridical person, both during the pre contractual stage and the legal argument.

Our investigative agency supports also criminal judicial activities through the specific section dedicated to the development of defensive inquiry as imposed by the new Code of Criminal Procedure: now it is possible to investigate actively, to obtain and use “information” for defensive purposes, as long as it happens in the most deferent respect of the current privacy regulation (Legislative Decree 196/2003).


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The Law Firms Department pays specific attention to everyone of its customer’s protection with the achievement of every authorisation of category and a strict conformity to the norms of reference.

Our agency is allowed by the Ministry of the Interior with regular license issued by the Prefecture authorized in territory according to ex art. 134 under the T.U.L.P.S. (in Italian "Testo Unico Legge Pubblica Sicurezza", Consolidated Act Of Public Safety Laws) and under other authorizations and disposals provided for by art. 115 under the T.U.L.P.S.